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High Blood Sugar Linked to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Did you know that having atrophied meibomian glands can signal uncontrolled blood sugar levels? To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Austin Eye Professionals today!

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Can Dry Eye Cause Focusing Problems?

Many conditions can cause hazy vision and difficulty focusing, including dry eye syndrome. Here’s how your Austin Eye Professionals in can help.

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Natural And Holistic Dry Eye Treatments

In some cases of dry eye syndrome, using medication to stimulate tear production or suppress symptoms doesn’t help heal the underlying cause of the condition. Here are some natural and holistic remedies that may relieve your symptoms and restore ocular comfort.

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What Are the 5 Most Common Dry Eye Symptoms?

Many substances and situations can cause dry eyes, such as certain medications, hormonal changes, and your environment. No matter the cause, having dry eyes feels pretty terrible. Here we list the different symptoms of dry eye and address treatment options.

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Are Your Dry Eyes a Symptom of an Autoimmune Disease?

Occasional dry eyes can be successfully treated by your eye doctor. But if you’re suffering from persistent dry eye syndrome (DES), it could be a symptom of an autoimmune disease, requiring the involvement of additional medical professionals. Treating both your dry eyes and the underlying condition can safeguard your vision and general health.

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Blinking Exercises for Dry Eye

Blinking plays a crucial role in maintaining the right amount of moisture on the eye’s surface. If you don’t blink properly or enough, it can leave your eyes feeling dry and irritated. Fortunately, there are certain blinking exercises you can perform to prevent your eyes from becoming dry.